I am working on a connector with a Sitecore Content Hub environnement. I am using the REST API, sending POST request to create some Assets.

I wonder if there is a way to set a taxonomy relation with its identifier instead of the id ?

For example to set FinalLifeCycleStatusToAsset with M.Final.LifeCycle.Status.Approved instead of 544.

My request is a POST to https://{{hostname}}/api/entities/

With the following body :

        "Title":"REST API Asset",
        "Description": {
            "en-US": "<p>Description</p>"
    "relations": {
        "FinalLifeCycleStatusToAsset": {
            "parent": {
                "href": "http://{{hostname}}/api/entities/544"


I have tried to set href to http://{{hostname}}/api/entities/identifier/M.Final.LifeCycle.Status.Approved by it gives me in response this message : "Unable to match the route 'EntityById' template with the available route values."

To conclude, is it possible to use M.Final.LifeCycle.Status.Approved instead of 544 when created an asset ? And how can I do that ?

Thanks for your help,

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After investigation and asking the question to Sitecore team. It seems not possible to use the identifier instead of the id in the REST API relations when creating an entity.

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