I have arranged all my content based on country which a folder template and has a field for country name. All my content specific to that country are placed under it. For SXA search I want the English language to pick up contents from a specific Country folder only which contains a child item in english as well as other languages.

In order for SXA search to be able to pick up data from only a specific location based on user's country if I create a computed field in Azure search then how should i do it and also be able to search on its basis ?

  • If I understand correctly you would need to search items only from a specific country folder that has that country selected, what about the website's other pages, they shouldn't be shown at all? It would help if you can add more details to the question, like how your content tree structure looks like. Not sure if it is possible in this case, but you can try with creating search scopes and specifying the location. Jul 30 at 7:16

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