I already tried the solution in the following question but it didn't help it only explains how to create OOB filters.

I'm using sitecore 10.1 SXA and I need a way to view hierarchical filter in a search page(am using SXA OOB search).

For Example: I have checklist location filter with below values

enter image description here

I want to display all countries and cities like the above photo.

Does anyone knows how to create for example custom search facet/custom tree filter to do so?

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You can use Content Search API and apply FacetOn() method on IQueryable like this:

context.GetQueryable<SearchResultItem>().Where(predicate).FacetOn(x => x[“Propery1Name”], 1).FacetOn(x => x[“Propery2Name”], 1).GetFacets();

While: Propery1Name is your Country field and Propery2Name is your City field

You can reach more information in this article: here

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