I have a Legacy hybrid solution on SC 9.2 where only some page types are migrated to JSS.

The issue is that if I insert an Internal Sitecore Link to a media item, it returns 404.

Internal link works and the markup looks ok (in both legacy and JSS):

<a href="/relative-path-of-the-page">Test page</a>

But media items (imgs and pdf files) return 404 and the markup looks like below (in both legacy and JSS):

<a href="media_library_prefix/~/media/d494d2a8a8554dbf977695dbdd4e94b5.ashx">

The request for URL for media, in Legacy solution:

Request URL: http://myDomain/parentItem_path/media_library_prefix/~/media/d494d2a8a8554dbf977695dbdd4e94b5.ashx

and in JSS:

Request URL: http://myDomain/sitecore/api/layout/render/jss?sc_apikey={api_guid}&item=/parentItem_path/media_library_prefix/~/media/d494d2a8a8554dbf977695dbdd4e94b5.ashx&sc_lang=en

Any advices on what can I do to make Richtext to return the proper working URL ?



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The issue is that JSS needs the media library link to start with forward slash:

<a href="/media_library_prefix/~/media/d494d2a8a8554dbf977695dbdd4e94b5.ashx">

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