Using Helixbase as a starting point, I have created a helix solution and an faq feature module. The faq content items have serialized as well as the various templates and layouts.

After adding a few more modules, I started getting this error

PS D:\sitecore> dotnet sitecore ser pull
There is a dependency loop in your module dependencies Unresolved modules: (lists all modules)

I double checked the solution and there aren't any dependencies between the projects that violate the Helix pattern.

Is there something in Sitecore 10 that I may have missed when creating the VS modules? What are the possible causes for this error?

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This happens within the Sitecore CLI during the serialization process to properly setup the order of serialization operations and protect the serialization processes.

Within the Sitecore.DevEx.Serialization.Client.Configuration.ModuleDependencyResolver class there is a check to determine dependency counts and if it exceeds a count of 20,000 this error is raised.

I suggest checking any "references" defined in serialization modules.

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