I've setup a SOLR server with Zookeeper by followed the below link. SolrCloud-Helpers

I have done the Solr and Zookeeper setup by using the powershell script by given the above link and I can see there are two Solr configs folder(Sitecore, xDB) has been created with managed schema under Config folder on Zookeeper Tree as shown below.

enter image description here

Now i would like to see the location of managed schema of xDB. I cannot find the location of the managed schema. If i want to modify something in the managed schema, I need the location.

Kindly someone assist me how to see the location to modify the schema.

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You can find location here server\solr\configsets\sitecore_configs\conf to update managed-schema file.

After update, run below command to deploy config:

solr zk upconfig -d sitecore_configs -n sitecore -z localhost:$zookeeperPort
  • I can see two separate managed schema file for Sitecore and XDB and also the XDB managed schema is different from the one which you mentioned (server\solr\configsets\sitecore_configs\conf\managed-schema) Commented Sep 7, 2021 at 4:33

Download configset of a collection with command:

zkcli.bat -zkhost <zookeeper URL> -cmd downconfig -confdir <folder path to where config files to be downloaded> -confname <config name>

Then modify configurations. To upload the update config

zkcli.bat -zkhost <zookeeper URLs> -cmd upconfig -confdir <folder path where config files to be uploaded exist> -confname <config name>

After that, reload the collection from admin panel.

Btw, zkcli.bat exists in server/scripts/cloud-scripts folder of solr

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