How do we move current xDB data (contacts, traffic etc) to the Sitecore CDP. I know there is no straightforward tool but are there APIs I can use to accomplish it and keep all or most of the data from xDB?


As you mentioned, I'm not sure there is a direct way to migrate xDB data to Sitecore CDP. As far as I know, Sitecore CDP is titled as formerly Boxever, so it should completely be a different platform though it is called as Sitecore CDP.

However, good news is that we have an upcoming live session (2 different live sessions!) on Sitecore CDP in few days (On September 15, 2021 - which we're also looking forward to) and there we have a time to ask questions to Sitecore's CDP experts.

Webinar registration link - https://www.sitecore.com/webinars/2021/09/partner-office-hours-sept2021-e

In the September Partner Success Office Hours, we will cover:

(1) An introduction to Sitecore CDP (formerly Boxever), (2) The market view of Sitecore CDP and our Go-to-Market value for Sitecore partners (3) Unique customer use cases leveraging Sitecore CDP (4) Building a strong Sitecore partner practice around Sitecore CDP (5) How to scale partner service revenues (6) Enablement resources

Attend the live Partner Success Office Hours for an introduction to how you can start leveraging Sitecore CDP to grow your services revenue.

Choose from two different live sessions to learn more and ask our Sitecore CDP experts your questions.

Date: Wednesday September 15, 2021


  • 8 am PDT
  • 4 pm PDT

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