We are using Sitecore 9.3 and are triggering goals using the sc_trk param on clicks of links/buttons. We would like to be able to have a Filter dropdown of Sitecore Pages within the Goals report in Experience Analytics which will allow the report to only show Goals triggered from a certain page. E.g:

If we have a Goal called 'Signup CTA Clicked' then we would like to Show a Report for all clicks on the 'Signup CTA' where the user was on the homepage.

We store the referring page ID and Url in the data property of the Goal when we trigger it from the link/button click. So this is what we would need to match against in the report filter.

I've read over quite a few different posts on this and the official Sitecore documentation on adding custom filters and segments and creating custom reports.

However none of this really fully explains how to achieve what I want. I am not sure if I need an custom segment and filter or an custom metric and if I also need to create a custom filter component or combination of these. Any help would be much appreciated.


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