We have a field under .csv file and that field contain two paragraphs showing in one row :

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When we are try to insert this data from Sitecore powershell script then it does not add space between two paragraph in Rich text box.

Adding code in powershell script

  $item["Description"] = $row.'Description'

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You text contains multiple lines, but it doesn't matter when html is being rendered.

What you need to do is either wrap every single line into a separate paragraph (<p>) or replace new lines with <br> tags.

Here is sample code for the latter:

  $item["Description"] = ($row.'Description' -replace "`r`n", '<br>') -replace "`n", '<br>'

I don't know if it's both CR + LF characters or just LF so I wrote a code which should take care of both situations ( https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Glossary/CRLF ).

If you want to wrap your text in paragraphs, you need to add <p> before and </p> after your string and replace every line ending with </p><p> (assuming that your input is not html code already).

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