We would like to schedule a item backup(package) on specific time. Is it possible to create a package of the items while scheduling it?

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You can try with Sitecore Powershell Extensions.

Packaging with SPE - https://doc.sitecorepowershell.com/modules/packaging

Then create a task scheduler to run this powershell script - https://doc.sitecorepowershell.com/modules/integration-points/tasks


To create Sitecore Package programmatically performs below steps which described by Hishaam Namooya in one of his articles. I am giving you the reference of that article as well:

  1. First step is to create a new Package Project
var packageProject = new PackageProject
    Metadata =
        PackageName = "Specify the package name",
        Author = "Specify the author name",
        Version = "Specify the version",
        Publisher = "Specify the Publisher"
  1. Provide the package with the source of the items or files.
//Creating Source for Files
var packageFileSource = new ExplicitFileSource
    Name = "File Source Name"

//Creating Source for Items
var packageItemSource = new ExplicitItemSource
    Name = "Item Source Name"
  1. Instantiate a new Source collection and add the item source to the source collection.
//Instantiate a new SourceCollection
var sourceCollection = new SourceCollection();

//Add the Item Source to the SourceCollection
  1. Include the sub-items
//Include subitem. You may have a method to set the include subitem.
var includeSubItem = "true / false";

var itemUri = Factory.GetDatabase("master).Items.GetItem("path to item");

if (itemUri != null)
    if (includeSubItem.Equals("true"))
        sourceCollection.Add(new ItemSource()
            SkipVersions = true,
            Database = itemUri.Uri.DatabaseName,
            Root = itemUri.Uri.ItemID.ToString()
        packageItemSource.Entries.Add(new ItemReference(itemUri.Uri, false).ToString());
  1. Map the directory path and generate the package.
var pathMapped = MainUtil.MapPath("Your File Path");

if (packageFileSource.Entries.Count > 0)

if (packageItemSource.Entries.Count > 0 || sourceCollection.Sources.Count > 0)

packageProject.SaveProject = true;

using (var writer = new PackageWriter(MainUtil.MapPath("Path to save package")))


    PackageGenerator.GeneratePackage(packageProject, writer);


See the blog post for more detail and reference: SITECORE CREATE PACKAGE PROGRAMMATICALLY

Now regarding the schedule of the same code, you can check the series of the articles with the below links:

  1. Sitecore Scheduler: Part-1
  2. Create and Configure Scheduler in Sitecore: Part-2
  3. Pass Sitecore Items in .Net Class with Scheduler: Part-3

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