I set up my project with Creative Exchange Live using SXA CLI, everything works when I use "sxa watch" my files are well compiled and send to the server.

The issue is when I try to get the changes made by an other developer on the theme, I use the recommended command "sxa rebuild All" but it only seems to upload my files and I don't get the new files and the changes created by the other developer. Do you know how I can get this to work ?

Thanks !

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    What have you tried and what errors if any are you getting? If you have pulled all the latest changes from your repo and use sxa rebuild All that should take everything, build and upload the theme into Sitecore. Are you using a local Sitecore instance or are you sharing a Sitecore instance with other FEDs?
    – Richard Seal
    Oct 21 at 14:25
  • I don't have any error, I just have those messages: Js minification done Sass build done Css minification done In fact I don't use a repo for now, maybe it is the problem. I share a sitecore instance with others, I don't have a local sitecore instance
    – vnico
    Oct 21 at 15:32
  • If you share the instance, then that is your problem. if others are using a watch, any time they make a change, it will upload the entire theme, and they won't have your changes, so they will get overwritten. Developers should all work on their own local copy of Sitecore, never use a shared instance for developing themes, it doesn't work.
    – Richard Seal
    Oct 22 at 14:23
  • Also use the --debug flag to get more information about what is going on
    – Richard Seal
    Oct 22 at 14:23

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