We have a Sitecore SXA website. Sitecore version is 9.0.1, SXA version is 1.7.

I am fetching the json data of a page by using default Sitecore resolvers and appending ?sc_device=json. But the json data is not in an order as the components rendered on the website . I want to show the JSON data of rich text in the same order that is added on the page but now it is displaying in a jumbled order .

For example : i have a rich texts added on to the page like text1 ,text2 ,text3 in a proper order. but the json data of a page is showing text2 first , text3 next and text1 at the end . Want to show these texts in a order.

Sitecore item structure

enter image description here

How do i achieve this?


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