According to Sitecore Docs v9.3 should have the ability to do redirects ootb. SS1 However, it is not available and doesn't exist in the content tree anywhere.

We started out with v9, I believe. (before I came onboard) Then, we were 'upgraded' by a vendor team but from what I gathered it was mostly changing config version strings, mostly. Guessing new functionality requires more additions of dlls/configs, etc?

My questions are:

  • Can I add the functionality myself as-it-is?
  • Is it not OOTB and must be installed?

Thanks for reading.

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This functionality is part of the Sitecore Experience Accelerator; as such is it not necessarily included in a default 9.3 installation.

Sitecore Experience Accellerator, also known as Sitecore SXA or just SXA is a paid-for add on product to the base Sitecore XM or XP product offerings. As such you would need a license for it, and then it could be installed onto your solution.

  • Thank you. Let me ask around to see if that is included. Dec 16, 2021 at 16:15

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