I've been at it a couple of days now and gotten Dianoga working, converting all of our "old media" images to shiny new webp format images. It works great for the standard ~/media url requests. I see that there is a separate ~/jssmedia set of services, and those are not working. Is there some other change in the configs I have to make, like the one in web.config, or anything else to make it work? I did find that I'm supposed to enable CDN support, which I did, but that made no difference. Ok, sorry, a teensy bit more info on this. We are on Sitecore 9.3 and attempting this with Dianoga 5.4.1.

Well, thank you in advance for any suggestions you can make.

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For jss media you should override jss media handler and patch the same in the config

  public class ConvertImageToWebp : Sitecore.JavaScriptServices.Media.MediaRequestHandler{

  protected override bool DoProcessRequest(HttpContext context, MediaRequest request, Media media){
  if ((context?.Request.QueryString?["extension"]?.Contains("webp") ?? false) || (!Helpers.CdnEnabled && context.BrowserSupportsWebP()))
    request.Options.CustomOptions["extension"] = "webp";

  return base.DoProcessRequest(context, request, media); }

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