We have Sitecore-xp0 setup done on docker from the developer machine(D1). Which can be accessible from the XM hostname and also by XM Container IP address from the D1 machine. We are able to get container id by command as docker inspect container-id

Now trying to access the same instance from another Developer machine D2,
for that given docker image path access and we are on the same network using VPN connection.

But no luck - Are we missing any steps, please help/advise? OR any easiest approach to access docker XM container from another developer machine.

  • Docker has different network types: bridge, host, none, overlay, macvlan. Default is "Brigde", which some kind isolates your containers network. You can try to use "Host" network.
    – Anton
    Jan 19 at 16:53

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You can use docker-compose to specify the ports you want to expose at the host machine level. As long as there are no conflicts, you can use the IP or hostname of the D1 machine from the D2 machine via the port specified.

      - 8000:80

The first port listed is the host machine port, the second is the docker container port.

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