Can someone please explain me on some example, what these lines of code means. I duplicated the rendering and now I see this code, and I am so confused by it. enter image description here

What is the meaning of Html.Sxa().BeginEditFrame, and what these parameters means in general, it does not have to be precise slide.Id.ToString() and etc.

enter image description here

This Model.Attributes what is the meaning of it?

  • This means that if you add this component on the page and open it in Experience Editor then it will show a frame around the image and you will find options on Experience Editor to update the image. Commented Feb 4, 2022 at 13:41

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The above code is for Using EditFrames in the SXA component. EditFrames in the Experience Editor is a feature that you can use to give users front-end access to fields that are not directly accessible, either because they are not visible or they are of a type that are not directly front-end editable.

In above code code, slide.Id.ToString() is your Item's ID on which you want to edit the fields, "Image" is the EditFreame button name which you can find in core database under WebEdit section- Applications > WebEdit > and Model.Attribute is checking is component is editable or not.

See this article for reference - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/editing-your-sitecore-experience-accelerator-sxa-list-jen-pearson/

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