I am trying to get a list of items which have created version in "en" language in PowerShell script. I am using the following code:

$items = Get-ChildItem -Path $folder -recurse | Where-Object { $_.Language -eq "en" -and $_.Version -eq 1}

My understanding was that if the version will be existing this is the version in "en" language so my query should work, but I see that it returns also items that do not have "en" language version created so I am confused now.

Could someone please explain how can I check if the particular language version exists in an item?

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You had this almost correct.

Instead of checking if current version of your item is 1 (version index) you should check number of versions (and pick these where it's not equal 0)

? { $_.Versions.Count -ne 0 }

Anyway, there is much easier way to do the same:

Get-ChildItem -Path $folder -Recurse -Language "en"

With this method you get what you want without additional checks.

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