I am sending in ADD stream events into Sitecore CDP or Sitecore Personalize with the currency set to EUR yet the currency is USD in the guest profile. How can I set the currency to EUR? How is the currency being converted?

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In “System Settings” under “Company Information” the configuration for the Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize tenant is setup, this includes the base currency. The base currency determines what currency all orders will be converted into. Both the original currency and base currency are stored.

Both the base currency and the original currency are stored in the CDP and can be used for Personalization. The base currency is the currency displayed on guest profiles dashboards.

For example, if an organization's headquarters are in the USA then their base currency is likely to be USD. If a customer completes an order on the UK website in GDP, then this will be converted into the base currency USD in Sitecore CDP.

When the original currency is converted into the base currency the FX rates are based on https://openexchangerates.org/

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