I am new to Sitecore JSS but have been doing development using Sitecore for 5 years.

I am trying to set up JSS on my docker image. I have been successfully able to update the docker file for CM & CD to install. The setup has worked successfully and below are some configurations in my docker file:

The following is my docker file on CD

# Add JSS module
COPY --from=jss C:\module\cd\content .\
COPY --from=jss C:\module\tools \module\tools
RUN C:\module\tools\Initialize-Content.ps1 -TargetPath .\; `
Remove-Item -Path C:\module -Recurse -Force;

The following is my docker file for CM:

# Add JSS module
COPY --from=jss \module\cm\content .\
COPY --from=jss \module\tools \module\tools
RUN C:\module\tools\Initialize-Content.ps1 -TargetPath .\; `
Remove-Item -Path C:\module -Recurse -Force;
# To install sitecore cli
RUN powershell -Command Start-Process c:/inetpub/node-v16.14.2-x64.msi -ArgumentList "/qn" -Wait
RUN npm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli

I have read some topics on how to build and start your first JSS application using @jss-cli. I am a little confused as to using CLI to create the app in docker. Because it requires access to the file system but I don't have access to the file system from my DEV machine. Should I create the tenant and everything from scratch and don't use CLI to build the application? or just use the source code from the sample project and deploy cms changes using unicorn?


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