Glass Mapper (version 5.8.177) doesn't seem to output height and width attributes in preview or live mode

It renders

<img src="/media/testing/images/hero/trust.svg?h=47&amp;w=100&amp;la=en&amp;hash=D49AEE9828CBDB902F3E2503FFFCEC64" alt="Trust rating">


<img src="/media/testing/images/hero/trust.svg?h=47&amp;w=100&amp;la=en&amp;hash=D49AEE9828CBDB902F3E2503FFFCEC64" height="47" width="100" alt="Trust rating">

I've been asked as to why height/width attributes are not used as it is a general SEO recommendation to avoid layout shifts etc,

Is there a reason why Glass Mapper doesn't add these attributes in preview/live mode?

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    – Richard Seal
    Apr 11, 2022 at 16:09


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