I'm trying to install the Sitecore XC 10.1.2 locally and I'm facing a issue, that I have no idea what is it.

The installation went well without any error, but when I try to log in in the Admin Page, I got an error, saying that the request were invalid.

In the logfile, I got the following error:

Invalid redirect_uri: "https://sxa.storefront.com/identity/signin"
AuthorizeRequestValidationLog { ClientId: "Sitecore", ClientName:
"Sitecore", RedirectUri: null, AllowedRedirectUris:
"{AllowedCorsOrigin}/signin-oidc"], SubjectId: "anonymous",
ResponseType: null, ResponseMode: null, GrantType: null,
RequestedScopes: "", State: null, UiLocales: null, Nonce: null,
AuthenticationContextReferenceClasses: null, DisplayMode: null,
PromptMode: "", MaxAge: null, LoginHint: null, SessionId: null, Raw:
[("client_id": "Sitecore"), ("response_type": "code id_token token"),
("scope": "openid sitecore.profile"), ("state":
("response_mode": "form_post"), ("nonce":
("redirect_uri": "https://sxa.storefront.com/identity/signin"),
("sc_account_prefix": "sitecore\"), ("x-client-SKU": "ID_NET461"),
("x-client-ver": "")] }

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Does anyone know how to solve this error ?

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Check file in your Identity Server instance:


and add your Sitecore URL to the AllowedOriginsGroup1 similarly to the example below:

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    Thanks for the answer Gaurav, because of your answer I discovery that my problem actually was that I was missing sxa.storefront. Apr 13, 2022 at 18:52

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