While setting up my first headless Sitecore 10.2 angular app, I was getting errors like unable to resolve dependency tree

Sitecore version 10.2
NPM version 8.6.0
Node 17.8.0 

Command that is failing: jss create test-myapp-angular-app angular

Sitecore jss version: Sitecore Headless Services Server XP 19.0.0 rev. 00508.zip


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The above issue is a Sitecore bug, creating a new Sitecore angular app fails with the latest NPM version.

The error occurs when using NPM 7 and above as the peer dependency installation behavior was changed. As a workaround to this, please manually add --legacy-peer-deps flag when running npm install.

#Set your JSS Project Name

$JssAngularProjectName = ‘test-myapp-angular-app’

#And then run the following

cd $JssAngularProjectName
npm install --legacy-peer-deps
node -e "require('./jss-create.js')({name:'$JssAngularProjectName', hostName:'$JssAngularProjectName.dev.local'}, [])"
rm jss-create.js

Or else we can simply downgrade the NPM version to any 6.x, and it will work. For me, 6.14.16 worked.

  • Node-16.14.2

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