We are migrating our existing solution from Sitecore 8.2 (IaaS) to Sitecore 10.2 containers. Migration is completed for the main site, but one of our main functionality is hosted as “Application for a Site” configuration under our main IIS site and uses a dedicated Application pool. Now we would like to implement the same in containers. We couldn’t find enough documentation for the same. Could you please help us with the steps? Attached is a screenshot for reference. Site Node in IIS


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Just create a image of your application and deploy it on docker on your local machine and the you can try with other non production environments.



As already mentioned you can create this in a separate container but if you want to recreate same setup then you will have to run appcmd from your dockerfile to replicate the existing application for a site setup. Appcmd is well documented for example here. To run this from your dockerfile you would do something like:

RUN <win path>\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe add app /site.name:MySite /path:/app1 /physicalPath:C:\inetpub\mysite\app1

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