Is there a way to move item using ID in powershell.

I know there is a way to Move item using path

 Move-Item -Path $_.ItemPath -Destination $destinationContainer;

But in my scenario, the path is same for multiple forms, so I would need to move item via ID.

Is this something possible via powershell?


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You can also use ID for both source and destination. So the query will be something like this.

$itemID = "{8A87AC2B-210D-49F2-93FC-215918085418}" # Mention your Item ID to move
$desinationParentID = "{F0C8DEC1-75FB-4633-BA98-71CCD91F18F1}" # Mention your Parent Item ID where to move

Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID "$itemID" | Move-Item -Destination "master:$desinationParentID"

Yes, you can actually pass in the ID of the item instead of the string path.

Move-Item -Path $_.ID -Destination $destinationContainer;

So, $_.ID instead of $_.ItemPath

Hope this helps!


Yes, but you need to get item first

Get-Item . -ID $itemID | Move-Item -Destination $destinationContainer

If you are not sure if something is possible with given cmdlet run

Get-Help Move-Item

or find examples in the documentation

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