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Is it adding/deleting a language from control panel is same as adding/deleting in content editor /sitecore/system/Languages?


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There is no difference

Long version:

This is the code that gets executed when you use the Delete Language option from the control panel:

  protected void Delete()
    Job job = Context.Job;
    Assert.IsNotNull((object) job, "Job is null");
    Database database = Factory.GetDatabase(this._databaseName);
    Assert.IsNotNull((object) database, "Database");
      foreach (Language language in this._languages)
        ID languageItemId = LanguageManager.GetLanguageItemId(language, database);
        Item obj = database.GetItem(languageItemId);
        Assert.IsNotNull((object) obj, "Item is null: /sitecore/system/languages/{0}", (object) language.Name);
        if (Settings.RecycleBinActive)
          Log.Audit((object) this, "Recycle Language: {0}", new string[1]{ language.Name });
          Log.Audit((object) this, "Delete Language: {0}", new string[1]{ language.Name });
    catch (Exception ex)
      job.Status.Failed = true;
    job.Status.State = JobState.Finished;

As you can see, ultimately it does the same thing as removing the language item would. There is some extra logging around it, and it has a nice form for you to select the language to delete first.

The code is not run within any disablers so all the same item:deleted events and item:deleting events would run in the same way.

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