Is there any reason why \layouts\system\VisitorIdentification.js file or whole \layouts\system\ folder is missing on the Sitecore instance?

I'm using Sitecore 10.2 on my local and I can see this file, this file is missing on the test server. So I wondering does Sitecore provides some installation option that will not install this file or this file should always be present after any kind of Sitecore installation?

  • That isn't a real file. It's dynamically served by Sitecore when and as needed. Alternatively someone removed it. You're not sharing any details that would allow anyone to answer. May 10, 2022 at 15:37
  • @MarkCassidy I updated the question with details, thanks!
    – Alexander
    May 10, 2022 at 16:22

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As per your statement in your question i.e. "this file should always be present after any kind of Sitecore installation", I downloaded Sitecore 10.2 installation packages for Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and Sitecore Experience Management (XM).

After extracting I found that the folder called System that is under Layout doesn't exist in XM but it does exist in XP. And I also verified that for both Content Management (CM) and Content Delivery (CD) packages. So it exists in XP for both CM and CD but not in XM for both.

So you need to verify on your test server, which one is installed over there.

To check the feature available for XM and XP, please follow this link.


Also, I verified these packages.

enter image description here

Hope this help.


I checked in Sitecore 10.2 vanilla instance (Sitecore.NET 10.2.0 (rev. 006766) ) in that this file as folder both are present under sc10.local/layouts/system layouts folder see below screenshot

enter image description here

May be it got removed by mistake or intentionally if not needed for project.

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