I am using Sitecore Powershell Module, to select list of pages that can be later on translated and created new item.

I am using this block of code

        Name = "listOfPages"
        Title = "Select pages you wish to copy on other languages"
        Editor = "Treelist"
        Source = "DataSource=/sitecore/content/XXXX/Home&DatabaseName=master"
        Tooltip = "Select one or more page from list."
  • If you have any conditions for filtering then you can use the Get-ChildItem commandlet to get all the items and filter them using Where-Object commandlet May 20 at 14:05

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To get the result of all the selected pages in TreeList, you need to write your code something like this.

$props = @{
    Parameters = @(
        @{Name="listOfPages"; Title="Select Language"; Options=$languageTypes; Tooltip="Select one or more page from list"; Editor="Treelist"; Source = "DataSource=/sitecore/content/DC Decorio/DecorioLocal/Home&DatabaseName=master"} 
    Title = "Select pages you wish to copy on other languages"
    Description = "Choose the criteria."
    Width = 550
    Height = 300
    ShowHints = $true    

$result = Read-Variable @props
$listOfPages | Select-Object DisplayName, FullPath

This will give you the list of pages in output. You can use the variable $listOfPages and create a loop and write your code.

Create a loop like this

$listOfPages | ForEach-Object {
    Write-Host $_.DisplayName

Hope this helps.

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