I have items on one site, want to display that item in multiple sites. So how to resolve that shared items in the current site.

Template to page design mapping, header and footer should be assigned from the current site, not from the original site.

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It's not quite clear what you are trying to share - browsable content or datasources, nor what you have tried already (and why that did not work as expected).

For browsable content you could look at a delegated area. You can do this by going to the Configure tab, then Clone the item(s). SXA will then ask you whether you want to make the clone an SXA delegated area. In your site, you now need to go to the /Settings/Shared Site Settings in your SXA site, and add your clone to the Delegated Areas field.

It is also possible to share presentation details or datasource items. You can do this by designating a site as shareable. On your SXA tenant, go to the Sharing section and add the site you want to be able to be shared to your Shared sites field.


If you want to display an item on multiple sites in SXA, then you need to use the feature called, Share content as a delegated area.

So SXA provides you the functionality to share pages between sites in the same tenant. For that, you need to do some setup.

Read more about this using this article.


And if you want to provide the presentation of this item specific to each site then I think you can go with a PowerShell script, that will copy or clone your item into a new Site. So in this script, you can create a loop for Sites in your SXA tenant and then check if that item does not exist. Then create that for that site.

Hope this will work for you.

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