I need to run a script to extract Sitecore item data. As of now if I use the below script:

Get-ChildItem -Path master:/Sitecore/content/Data -Recurse |Show-ListView -Property DisplayName, ItemPath,TemplateName,Language,"Field1","Field2","Field3"

It gives the data in the table and the value of Field1,Field2 and Field3 are also populated for each item.

In this scenario I have to manually find all the fields in item and child item and place them in script like Field1, Field2, Field3 to get their values.

Is there a way I can get the fields from item template and use it in script instead of manually mentioning Field1,Field2,Field3

  • With Show-ListView you can omit the Property parameter.to get all properties. Jun 2, 2022 at 5:26

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This came up in a discussion with @jammykam and here is the solution he figured out.

$fields = Get-Item -Path "master:\content\home" | Get-ItemField -IncludeStandardFields -ReturnType Name
Get-Item -Path "master:\content\home" | Show-ListView -Property $fields

You can use below script to the item fields

$hashTable = @{} 
Get-ChildItem $rootItem -Recurse | ForEach-Object {
    $currentItem = $_
    $inheritedFields = "";
    Get-ItemField -Item $currentItem -ReturnType Field -Name "*" `
    | Where-Object {$_.ContainsStandardValue} | Select-Object -Property Name,Value `
    | ForEach-Object{ $inheritedFields += ("[" + $_.Name + ": " + $_.Value + "]")}
    if($inheritedFields -ne "")
        $hashTable.Add($currentItem.ContentPath, $inheritedFields)

$hashTable | Format-Table -AutoSize

You will get output in table format, I tested it on my Sitecore instance.


Yes you can get the item template fields dynamically using this way.

# Get the item children
$items = Get-ChildItem -Path master:/Sitecore/content/Home -Recurse 

# Create a loop on each item 
foreach($item in $items) 
    # Get the item template of the item
    $itemTemplate = Get-ItemTemplate $item

    # Get fields 
    $itemTemplateFields = $itemTemplate.OwnFields | Select-Object -ExpandProperty key -Unique 
    $fields =[System.String]::Join(",", ($itemTemplateFields | Where-Object { $standardFields -notcontains $_ } | Sort-Object)) 

    # You will get the field name in a string with a comma-separated value.
    Write-Host $fields

Use this in your logic and it will work.

Also to use this variable called $fields, you need to create a dynamic query and then use Invoke-Expression to execute this.

$query = "Get-ChildItem -Path master:/sitecore/content/Home |Show-ListView -Property DisplayName, ItemPath,TemplateName,Language," + $fields

Invoke-Expression $query


  • When i am trying to add this $fields in the below query : Get-ChildItem -Path master:/Sitecore/content/Data -Recurse |Show-ListView -Property DisplayName, ItemPath,TemplateName,Language,$fields. It Fails. Tried Foreach Object,that also not working.Need the individual fields append to the query GetChildItem
    – Debaparna
    Jun 2, 2022 at 11:49
  • @Debaparna Updated my answer as per your requirement. Jun 2, 2022 at 12:13

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