I have a ZCalculateCartSubTotalsBlock for custom "Calculate Cart Sub Totals" and I want to replace it with a "CalculateCartSubTotalsBlock".

I had used this code to replace the pipeline:

 services.Sitecore().Pipelines(config => config
           .ConfigurePipeline<ICalculateCartPipeline>(builder => builder
            .Replace<CalculateCartSubTotalsBlock, ZCalculateCartSubTotalsBlock>()

But, when I use Postman and check the "ICalculateCartPipeline" pipeline, CalculateCartSubTotalsBlock was not replaced. What's happened?

When I use Add `Pipeline, it will add after ClearCartBlock, but After, Before, and Replace I cannot use it. Why?

enter image description here

How can I solve this problem?


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