I am hoping someone has encountered this before. I am working with this helix example -


and I have a question related to this site when running on CM. The styles show up correctly when the site is published and I view the live local URL of https://www.basic-company-aspnetcore.localhost.

But when I try previewing on CM or using the experience editor the CSS and JS are trying to use a URL of http://rendering/css/basic-company.css

I am sure it's just something that I missed in the setup but am having trouble locating the issue. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  • Are you using cm.basic-company-aspnetcore.localhost to access the CM? It looks like maybe the cd site is setup as an application (hosted in rendering directory?). The CSS is referenced using ~/ which maps to the root of the application. If the cm isn't an application, maybe that goes to root i.e. rendering/... Jun 17, 2022 at 14:09

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I found the answer. I needed to add https://www.basic-company-aspnetcore.localhost/ to the Project.BasicCOmpany.config file and now the CSS is showing up correctly in CM.

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