I am trying to disable coveo search on CM using the setting

<add key="coveo:define" value="Disabled" />

But it also stops Coveo command center.

Is there a way if I can disable only coveo search in CM environment without impacting command center?

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Try disabling the Coveo configs. All you have to do is remove (make sure you keep a copy of them) or change the extension of all the configuration files under:

  • \App_Config\Include\Coveo
  • \App_Config\Include\ExperienceAnalyticsCoveo (if it applies)
  • \App_Config\Include\ExperienceProfileCoveo (if it applies)
  • I guess ,in Sitecore 9 we do not have to make so many changes. Only <add key="coveo:define" value="Disabled" /> is sufficient but the issue is it also disables command center which I do not want. hls-consulting.com/2018/06/21/… Jun 22 at 19:17

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