I have a case where my xConnect contacts have multiple email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses in my xConnect contact. This question will focus on emails.

This is a 9.3 install with DEF and Dynamics 365 Connector version 4.0.0.

Using the default mappings, the primary email populates as expected:

Default Email Mappings

It is the Other facet property that I have been unable to populate thus far.

If we fetch the Emails facet from the ContactFacets table, we can see that the data is structured as follows:

query for fetching the EmailAddressList facet in SQL

The primary email is in there. Now the challenge is to populate the Others facet property.

According to this migration guide, Others is a dictionary that contains all other email addresses associated with the contact. I am unable to find any examples or documentation, so did some experimenting and added the mapping:

mapping for emails

And added the value accessor:

value accessor for Other property

There were also a few more configurations I had to set up, but after running the pipeline and trying out many different configurations, the result was always the same. No values in the Others property. No errors in the log. I am 100% sure that the source object has secondary email populated and that the field is mapped correctly.

How can I get this to work?


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