Context: I am trying to automate a few steps in the existing Sitecore 10.1.1 environment using Sitecore PowerShell.

Problem: We have a command Get-Database to access the database either by providing the database name or the item. In my scenario, I need to access the database by providing the connection string.

Do we have a way?


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The ISE includes a sample snippet SQL script.

Import-Function -Name Invoke-SqlCommand

$connection = [Sitecore.Configuration.Settings]::GetConnectionString("master")

$query = @"
  FROM [dbo].[Items]
$records = Invoke-SqlCommand -Connection $connection -Query $query

You can get the database details using this way by passing the connection string.

# Using $AppPath you will get your application folder path
# Then append the path of connectionstring.config
$path = $AppPath + 'App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config'

# Get the content of this file
$content = [xml](Get-Content -Path $path)

# Give your connection string to read the node
$content.SelectSingleNode("connectionStrings/add[@connectionString='Data Source=RP-INTUNE-5VUYB\MSSQLSERVER01;Initial Catalog=Sitecore10.1_Core;User ID=coreuser;Password=uiFxkSw6tlyKaScBgZre']")

This will give you the output of your connection string like this.

enter image description here

Now if you want to read the connection string name then you need to get the value in a variable like this.

$connectionString = $content.SelectSingleNode("connectionStrings/add[@connectionString='Data Source=RP-INTUNE-5VUYB\MSSQLSERVER01;Initial Catalog=Sitecore10.1_Core;User ID=coreuser;Password=uiFxkSw6tlyKaScBgZre']")

And then get your connection string name.

Write-Host $connectionString.name

You will get this.

enter image description here

  • This won't work if the settings are under Configuration for the Azure App. The application is hosted in Azure PAAS. Jul 14, 2022 at 4:53

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