I want to archive Sitecore item version and not the entire item using Powershell script.

I could not find the way to archive version, articles are there to archive item but not the specific version. Also could not find the command in PowerShell documentation. https://doc.sitecorepowershell.com/

I tried ArchiveItem($item) but it archives the entire item and not the version alone.

Can some one guide me to find the solution on this query?



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Yes, it is possible through Sitecore Powershell script. Write your logic like this.

# get item to archive and provide the version. Examle 3

$item = Get-Item -Path "master:" -Uri "sitecore://master/{6151ACBE-40C3-45D5-BCE8-5E939C461C12}?lang=en&ver=3"


$archive = [Sitecore.Data.Archiving.ArchiveManager]::GetArchive("archive", $item.Database)



Now when you go to the Archive window, you will see the version you have archived.

enter image description here

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