Has anyone able to set the current date in Sitecore form 10.1 date picker?

Just like WFFM, we used the following script to set the current date.

    @<script type="text/javascript">
         if (typeof window.WffmFieldsData === 'undefined') {
             window.WffmFieldsData = {}

         window.WffmFieldsData["@Html.IdFor(x => Model.Value)"] =
             'defaultDate': new Date('@Model.Value'),
             'dateFormat': '@ClientDateFormatConverter.ConvertToClientFormat(Model.DateFormat)',
             'minDate': new Date('@Model.StartDate.Year', '@(Model.StartDate.Month - 1)', '@Model.StartDate.Day'),
             'maxDate': new Date('@Model.EndDate.Year', '@(Model.EndDate.Month - 1)', '@Model.EndDate.Day'),

I want to do the same in Sitecore forms date picker.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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If you want to set the default value in Sitecore Form controls for example a dropdown or a date picker then you need to implement a custom Form Value Provider.

You can follow this article to know how to implement a Value provide for prefilling form.


I have also given the answer to the same kind of scenario but that is for the drop-down list. Here is the link.

Setup value provider for dropdown list field in Sitecore forms using IFieldValueProvider

Hope this will help.

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