I have downloaded Sitecore Next JS containers setup and installed XP1 in our local instance. But the default CD url is going to 404. The CM Sitecore url including Experience Editor & Preview and the rendering host url is working correctly but the CD url is going to 404. Is this expected?

Referred the below link for local setup


Thanks, Shakti

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Can you please double-check your CD site created from this template sitecore/templates/Foundation/JSS Experience Accelerator/Multisite/Site under Site Grouping Item at

/sitecore/content/jss-sxa/jss-sxa-site/JSS Settings/Site Grouping

in JSS Setting.

enter image description here

If only the CM site exists, create a new site with this template sitecore/templates/Foundation/JSS Experience Accelerator/Multisite/Site.

enter image description here

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