Is there any Rest API in Sitecore which can create, get, update , delete and publish items in web instance and Solr without writing any code

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To create an item:

URL: /item/{path}?database&language

Edit an item:

URL: /item/{id}?database&language&version

Delete an item:

URL: /item/{id}?database&language

Run a Sitecore search:

URL: /item/search?term&pageSize&page&database&language&includeStandardTemplateFields&fields&sorting&facet

Run a stored Sitecore search:

URL: /item/{id}/search?term&pageSize&page&database

For more details you can refer: The RESTful API for the ItemService


This article given by Sitecore contains almost all the API calls that can help you to perform all the operations.


For the publishing, I found a good article you follow to publish an item on an API call.


Hope this will help you to start.



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