Can someone tell me whether it's possible to replace an app setting with an environment variable in Sitecore Managed Cloud? Specifically, we would like to create some rule-based config based on an app setting that changes in each environment.

  • Are you on containers or app services?
    – Richard Seal
    Commented Sep 7, 2022 at 17:44

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So i thought i would post the answer to this in case anyone else comes across this problem.

So the Sitecore 10.2 docker images (this is the only version I have verified this against) come with a configbuilder that lets you update app settings using environment variables.

If you look in the web.config you will find the config builder settings

<add name="SitecoreAppSettingsBuilder" mode="Strict" prefix="SITECORE_APPSETTINGS_" stripPrefix="true"
    type="Microsoft.Configuration.ConfigurationBuilders.EnvironmentConfigBuilder, Microsoft.Configuration.ConfigurationBuilders.Environment, Version=, Culture=neutral"/>

You can create environment variables with the same name as the appsetting prefixed with SITECORE_APPSETTINGS_ and at runtime the app settings value will be replaced with the one in the environment variable.

  • I am assuming you are familiar with creating rule-based configuration. Sitecore documentation covers this extensively
  • Sitecore have outlined steps you can follow to configure your Managed Cloud instance
  • What you are looking for is creating a custom image where you can define your rule-based configurations. You can store your custom image into AZR that is provisioned as part of the SC managed cloud infrastructure. Then update the docker-images.json file with the new image. Below are the steps:
  1. Build a new version of an image based on an existing Sitecore image.
  2. Push your image to Private ACR. Update the docker-images.json file with the new image.
  3. To change docker-images.json, you must create a pull request to main.
  • thanks Julius but that's not what i'm after really. Specifically im interested in how you replace an app setting with an environment variable so i can use that value in my rule based config Commented Sep 7, 2022 at 8:22

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