I am using 7.2 Sitecore version. There I need to fetch users using PowerShell script. I have tried multiple combinations or filters to run for instance -

Get-User -Filter *

I get an error saying - item key already been added. This is happening due to a specific user. It might be more than one users corrupted. I am not even able to access the user through user User Manager.

How can I fix this issue?

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Try to access it though membership class. Example to grab all extranet users below.

    [System.Web.Security.Membership]::GetAllUsers() | Where-Object {$_.UserName.StartsWith("extranet")} |
Show-ListView -Property @{Name = 'FullName'; Expression = {(Get-User -Identity $_.UserName).Profile.FullName}}, 
    @{Name="User Name"; Expression={ $_.UserName} },
    @{Name="Email"; Expression={ $_.Email} },
    @{Name="Is Enabled"; Expression={ $_.IsApproved} },
    @{Name="Is Locked"; Expression={ $_.IsLockedOut } },
    @{Name="Created Date"; Expression={ $_.CreationDate} },
    @{Name="Last Login Date"; Expression={ $_.LastLoginDate} }

I would probably directly access database and try to figure out if there are corrupted users or duplicates.

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