Using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions I can set an item's text properties but an Image property cannot be set:

enter image description here

In the screenshot above, setting the Title property worked but none of the attempts at setting the Featured Image worked.

However from Content Editor when I specify a relative media library path, it works:

enter image description here

Is it possible to set an image field value with a media library item using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions? If so, how?

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As described in the docs, you can do something as simple as the following:

$homeItem = Get-Item -Path "master:/content/home"
$homeItem.Image = Get-Item -Path "master:\media library\logo"
  • This makes a lot of sense since the Image field is getting an actual item and not just text. Thanks!
    – Anthony
    Commented Sep 18, 2022 at 20:40

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