Is there a way to get Rendering Parameter in cshtml view file without the glass mapper model?

The existing View is already using a model. So want to get the parameter without a model or glass mapper.

The Rendering parameter is a multilist field, I need the selected value of the field.


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You can use RenderingContext.Current.Rendering.Parameters

  var rendering = RenderingContext.Current.Rendering;
  string someParameter = rendering.Parameters["my multilist field"];

You can get the rendering parameters like this in your view.

 string TitleCss = string.Empty, DescriptionCss = string.Empty;

 var rc = Sitecore.Mvc.Presentation.RenderingContext.CurrentOrNull;
 if (rc != null)
     var parms = rc.Rendering.Parameters;
     TitleCss = parms["TitleCss"];
     DescriptionCss = parms["DescriptionCss"];
     Sitecore.Data.Fields.MultilistField multiselectField = param["your multilist filed"];

     Sitecore.Data.Items.Item[] items = multiselectField.GetItems();


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