The article says only Initial Release of 8.2 is affected but doesn't say Update 1 is not vulnerable.

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Update 1 has that security issue fixed by default.

In Sitecore 8.2 Update 1, a list of allowed serializable types is included out of the box. You can find the list in the configuration file Sitecore.Analytics.SessionSerialization.config.

Note that the security patch SC2016-001-128003 had the allowed types configured in the configuration file Sitecore.SessionSerialization.config instead (without the Analytics suffix). So if you upgrade your instance to 8.2 Update 1 from an earlier version with the patch applied, you will need to make sure the following files are removed from your solution:

  • \App_Config\Include\Sitecore.SessionSerialization.config
  • \bin\Sitecore.SessionSerialization.dll

As well as that the following file is updated with the 8.2u1 version:

  • \sitecore\service\Analytics\Session\PushSession.ashx

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