Issue Details:

While we are opening Horizon page from Sitecore launchpad / access URL separately, We are getting the following error

The page did not load properly. Try refreshing the page. If the error reoccurs, contact your system administrator

The error occurs endlessly and getting 401 error for the below URL


We make sure the following:

  1. Identity instance URL is working fine and login succeeded to CM instance.
  2. Horizon and CM URLs is correctly mentioned in \{HorizonInstance}\Config\Host.xml
  3. Identity instance URL is correctly mentioned in \HorizonInstance}\Config\OpenIdConnect.xml
  4. Horizon.ClientHost value refers to correct Horizon URL in
    {CM Instance}\App_Config\Modules\Horizon\Sitecore.Horizon.Integration.Config
  5. Sitecore.IdenityServer.Host.xml refers correct CM and Horizon URLs in Identity server's path \{Idenity Instance}\Config\production\

This issue looks very similar to

However, I have tried the solution of negating the trailing slash as mentioned one of the answers, eventually no luck. Any help would be highly appreciated.


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Eventually, the issue got resolved. It's due to the "/" trailing slash at end of the identity server URL. Sitecore support helped to find this tiny mistake. We corrected the below URL to make it work.

Issue Prone URL:

<sc.variable name="identityServerAuthority" value="https://{Idenity URL}`/`" />

Correct URL:

<sc.variable name="identityServerAuthority" value="https://{Idenity URL}" />

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