I'm trying to use LinqPad Driver for Sitecore with LinqPad application by connecting to Local Sitecore (version 8.1 Update-1).

However I'm getting below error when trying to test connection.

Test Connection to Sitecore

Connection settings are valid for

This version of Sitecore is not supported by the currently selected IAppConfigReader class.

This means that config changes implemented by the IAppConfigReader may conflict with your version of Sitecore. This will not affect the Sitecore server, but it may prevent LINQPad from being able to properly communicate with the Sitecore server.

If you experience problems you may need to implement a new IAppConfigReader or extend the one currently being used. [added screenshot below for the same]

Error in LinqPad Driver for Sitecore

How to resolve this warning message?

  • This is just a warning telling you the driver hasn't been tested with your Sitecore version. In my experience, this will not lead to any problems, so you can safely ignore the warning. Dec 13, 2016 at 13:53
  • more info about the warning here: community.sitecore.net/technical_blogs/b/… Dec 13, 2016 at 14:45
  • Dmytro is correct. You can ignore the error.
    – Adam Conn
    Dec 15, 2016 at 2:14

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If you look at the source on GitHub - the Sitecore8AppConfigReader.cs file, it does a simple check on the version number:

public override bool IsSupportedVersion(Version version)
    if (version == null) { return false; }
    var min = new Version("8.0");
    var max = new Version("8.1");
    if (version.CompareTo(min) != -1 && version.CompareTo(max) == -1)
        return true;
    return base.IsSupportedVersion(version);

So if you want the message to stop, you would need to fork the code and update that class. Obviously you should test that the config reader for 8.2 is still compatible. If not, you will need to create your own config reader for 8.2.

It should still be compatible, so you do have the option of ignoring he message if you just want to wait for Adam to update the source.

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