I have a field with a ContentList / Treelist of pages, each one of which I want the URL for.

Using JSS with Next.js.

If I inspect the field in the browser I can see the URL listed for each item as part of its data:

    "id": [etc],
    "url": "/[etc]/Content-Page",
    "name": "Content Page",
    "displayName": "Content Page",
    "fields": {

However, if I use the Item / Item[] type within my code, the Typescript definition for these only has properties for name, display name, and fields.

The code still works fine though if I ignore this error - the URL is there.

Should I be accessing the URL for Content List items in a different way?

I have read this similar question here Getting the URL from items in a ContentList field which gives some options.

I guess my main point is do I need to try something like that or just cast to a different typescript type?


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