I'm writing a program that creates a new asset in Content Hub using the upload API. How do I attach that newly created asset to theImageField of an item in Sitecore. Most of the examples show how to create a new ImageField item using something from the media library but I haven't found anything using Content Hub. Here's the basics of what I've got so far which obviously doesn't work but it illustrates what I'm trying to accomplish:

using (new SecurityDisabler())   
    var providerItem= db.GetItem(this.SiteCorePath);
    if (providerItem.Empty) return false;


        this.providerItem.Fields["SelectHealth Image"].Value = this.PublicUrl;
        return false;

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Figured out how to solve this myself so I wanted to post this in case anyone else needs help with this. I realized that the FieldItems are just xml so I created a new ImageField and then added the attributes that I needed.

new ImageField(this.providerItem.Fields["Image"])
    Alt = this.ProviderName,
    LinkType = "external",
    Height = Height.ToString(),
    Width = Width.ToString()

ImageField imageField = (this.providerItem.Fields["Image"]);
imageField.SetAttribute("stylelabs-content-id", this.Entity.Entity.Id.ToString());
imageField.SetAttribute("thumbnailsrc", "https://contenthub-url/api/gateway/" + img.Id.ToString() + "/thumbnail");
imageField.SetAttribute("src", img.PublicLinkUrl);
imageField.SetAttribute("mediaid", "");
imageField.SetAttribute("stylelabs-content-type", "Image");


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