We use Unicorn in our project, and we are saving the pre-optimized-min.yml files in source control. Here is the exclude predicate we have for this file:

<exclude childrenOfPath="/sitecore/media library/Themes/<Name>/<Name>/styles">
     <except name="pre-optimized-min" />

We use a standard SXA CLI Setup.

enter image description here

The problem is that after minification, SOMETIMES, the yml file is saved with a GUID at the end of the name:

enter image description here

This is causing issues in our CI/CD pipeline as the file is not recognized and our styles are not picked up correctly.

Any ideas on this could be happening?


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pre-optimized-min items are generated automatically. Each time with new id.

When you save pre-optimized-min.yml in your source control, next time someone checks out from source control and their Sitecore generates new pre-optimized-min, it wants to serialize that new item, but it checks that there is already a file like that on the drive, so it adds guid to the file name.

Normally, when SXA deletes old 'pre-optimized-min` item, it deletes serialized item as well. But because you keep the old one in source control, there are situations that old one is still there from source control, a new one is created with guid in filename.


This is likely a consequence of multiple items with the same name added into the media library. Unicorn detects this and writes a new file (presumably with a new GUID) to disk but then has to append the GUID to the filename to avoid conflicts.

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