While building custom images (like extending the cm) I've seen various networking issues when on VPN. I noticed that containers can reach the internet with docker compose up but the same resources can't be reached during build.

Is there way way to specify a custom network when building images in docker-compose.yml?

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A few observations I've made while working over VPN (in particular Palo Global Protect):

  • Container networking appears to get disrupted when the VPN disconnects. Tearing down the containers with docker compose down and then docker compose up -d appears to correct the issue. I think this is because a new network is created which doesn't conflict with the VPN.
  • The running containers use the new network which may be why containers can reach the internet.
  • Building containers use the default network. Creating a new network and associating it with the build would create a similar scenario as the running containers.

Start by creating a new build.ps1:


$networkResult = docker network inspect build-nat | ConvertFrom-Json
if(!$networkResult) {
    docker network create --driver nat build-nat
docker compose -f .\docker-compose.build.yml build $Services
docker network rm build-nat

Add the network to your build section in docker-compose.yml:

    context: ./docker/build/node
    network: build-nat

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