Good afternoon, I'm trying to create Item using REST API and branch ID as the Template ID the service returns a 400 "Template is invalid" error. Does anyone know if there is a way to create a new item based off a branch using the REST API?

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For curiosity I had tried this on 10.0.1 instance and can confirm this does not work. While looking at source code responsible for creating Items through REST API/Item Service it seems to specifically call for database.GetTemplate(templateId) and there seems to be no fallback for getting branch item which more likely look similar to this code database.GetItem(branchItem). I would expect this functionality to work with branches and I would advise to open ticket with Sitecore support. Similar question has been asked quite some time ago and would be usuful to get definitive answer for this issue from Sitecore Create Item using REST API and Branch as template

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